PondNet is a new volunteer survey that aims to collect information about trends in pond quality and pond species, including uncommon plants and animals.


PondNet, led by ARC and the Freshwater Habitats Trust, is a new monitoring network that was successfully trialled in Cheshire, South Hampshire and North & East Yorkshire in 2013. The project aims to collect information about a wide range of animal and plant groups from a fixed network of ponds, in order to identify statistically robust trends in pond quality and species. The survey findings will be used to help guide freshwater policy.

The project arranges the landowner permissions and assigns volunteers a monitoring square & focal pond within 10 miles of their home. Volunteers can survey any wildlife groups they choose, including amphibians, wetland plants, invertebrates, birds and/or BAP species. Data submitted online are then freely available for all to download.

To sign up, email fdunn@freshwaterhabitats.org.uk.

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