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Water is the driving force of all nature, but freshwaters, and the species they support, are amongst the most threatened part of the natural world.  In September 2013 Pond Conservation became Freshwater Habitats Trust to help safeguard the future of all freshwaters.

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Water companies must prove they mean business
A new report published today, Tuesday 15 April, by the Blueprint for [...]
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Pioneering DNA technique to help endangered aquatic species
A groundbreaking new technique, which detect minute DNA traces in water, offers [...]
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Great crested newts can be detected from the DNA they shed into the water

Great Crested Newt environmental DNA report published

Important new research, undertaken for Defra by Freshwater Habitats Trust, genetics company Spygen, Amphibian and Reptile Conservation and University of Kent, describes how Great Crested Newts can be surveyed by detecting their DNA in the water – so called environmental DNA. Read more about the work here.

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